[This has made me tremble]
Rape in Bethlehem
By Anthony Razook


Death, Downtown
By: Michael Moore

Concerned Youth!
Soumaya ElSolh

The Causes of Middle East Terrorism:
By : Dr. Jamal A. Shurdom

What do YOU want?
By: Mohamed S. Kamel

Flashback Moments
Samer Majzoub

By: Kathy Malas
Muslims and Arabs under siege
By: Mohamed Sherif Kamel

Ill society cannot defeat enemy
By: Mohamed Sherif Kamel

Every Body Counts
By: John Mackesy
Cynthia Keeler and Jilan Hassan had their adolescent years shattered by the power struggles of the grown up world. Twelve year old Cynthia is looking for answers. Her father was killed on 9/11. She posted an article on an Islamic website asking how some people of the Middle East consider the attackers of 9/11 as heros. Cynthia said “ I wanted some kind of closure to the pain I’m feeling. I wanted to know why one of their “heros” killed my father. How can a hero hurt so many people.?”
  • The Speech John Kerry Should Make
  • The Censorship of Al Jazeera
  • Scales of Justice
  • Reaction to Iraq civilian casualty photos and a Peace Plan
  • For the Editors at Arab Mail

  • Open letter to Mister George W. Bush
    From M. Suleiman

    M. Suleiman
    Dear Mr. President,
    History cannot be retroactively influenced by counter claims in the aftermath! It is, however, a fact, that oppression and injustice unleash tension and reaction as we see now in our world! The relationship between the Arabs and the USA has run now into difficulties, misunderstanding and distrust. Since the first and second world war, the globe had become like a jungle, better to say, like a football field, where you (the USA) had become the main player and referee.

    American soldiers and fighting terrorism
    - Big terrorists in a kindergarten -
    After the war some American officers , who seemed to be trained on dealing with peoples , succeeded in establishing good relations with the local residents in one of the popular quarters in Baghdad. Palestinians are the main residents of this area which include a sport club , a kintergarden, a society for Palestinian women and a society for handicapped children.

    Alarming Situation in the Palestinian Country
    By : M. Suleiman

    M. Suleiman
    Uprooting of life and environment is taking place without any restriction!
    Yes, an incredible mass suffering and uprooting of almost of every existence available ,is taking place against the Palestinians in their usurped homeland and seems to be tolerated by the whole western world.!! Facts and records are reminding of the worst crimes that humanity has ever suffered. Streets and infrastructure, houses and farmlands have been levelled with the ground, thousands of Palestinians, including children, infants, pregnant women, elderly, yes even their hens and dogs have not been spared !

    Yasser Arafat, “Abu Ammar”

    By : Mohamed S. Kamel

    Yasser Arafat
    Yasser Arafat, Abu Ammar, passed away after long life of fighting for the right of his people, for the identity of his people, Abu Ammar is a real Palestinian and a real human been, who committed all his life for the justice and real peace.
    Arafat is the man who led his people from broken refugees to freedom fighters, we might disagree with him in some tactics in his long trip, but we never disrespect him and never disagree with him in the main goal, he was and will remain a symbol for the Palestinian dream, as Nehru, Nasser, Guevara, Mandela… The great people never die.

    Abu- Jihad - Hasan and Our Homeland
    By : Dr. Faruq Mawasi - Poet from Palestine
    Our friend Hasan
    Told us stories about our homeland
    Stories which are almost devoid of affliction
    He used to tell me :
    Our homeland means loyalty
    To its mountains and meadows
    The Media and Political Change in the Arab World, 28-30 Sept. 2004
    Moller Centre, Churchill College,
    University of Cambridge
    See below programme and register online at CAMP's website

    For further information please contact:
    Mohannad Al Majathoub

    Jabra conference in Bethlehem
    Bethlehem University hosted a conference on the renowned Bethlehemite intellectual and literary figure Jabra Ibrahim Jabra (1920 - 1994) between August 28 and 29, 2004

    Palestinian political prisoners are being held in Israeli prisons
    By : Mohamed S. Kamel
    I am writing to protest, in the strongest possible terms, the appalling conditions under which Palestinian political prisoners are being held in Israeli prisons
  • Your government position from the Palestinian land
  • Even countries that did not support UN resolution, is obligated to apply it
  • Israel Mossad, uses Canadian Passport in their criminal activities
  • In the shadow Zahra Kazemi’s case, justice remain a meaningless ward

  • Members of the Arab Nationalist List Press Release
    To Internet Activists
    Members of the Arab Nationalist list deliberated several suggestions to initiate solidarity action with more than eight thousand Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Zionist jails. We call on all of you in joining together in making this event successful and memorable. On Thursday, August 26, 2004, we are asking you to display solidarity with Palestinian prisoners by at least doing the following ..

    To the Executive Committee of the IJF
    Is the International Judo Federation encourage oppression and legitimize apartheid ?

    By : Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja
    What is outrageous in ADL's response to Nader is what it conspicuously and deceitfully omits: not one word of condemnation of Israel's 37 year old OCCUPATION, CRIMES AND HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES against entire Palestinian populations

  • Immigration Minister Sgro Targeting Muslims, CIC Says
    The Canadian Islamic Congress has accused Judy Sgro, Canada's Immigration Minster, of trying to dramatically curb the number of Muslims admitted to our country as immigrants or as refugees ...

    More and More Arrests and Violations in Jordan
    Report by: Dr. Hisham Bustani - Libirties Committee of the Union of Professional Associations
  • Palestinian Children have the Right to Education and Wellness
  • It is Monday March 11th. It is a school day, but no children are in their schools neither in Bethlehem nor in most of the Palestinian areas.
  • Drunk Leaderships

  • By: Mohamed Sherif Kamel
    Is not strange to see this "Ralf Kline" the First Minster of Alberta, Canada, drunk person went out in the middle of the night and drop by a shelter to blame them for all the problems of Alberta, blaming them for not working and start through the many, condemning them of depending on the government assistant, then he left.
  • Terror at Night

  • By Ruth Anderson, Palestine Chronicle

    My name is Huda. I am 8 years old. I am sitting near the rubble of my family’s house after it was demolished by an Israeli bulldozer in Deir Al Balah, southern Gaza.
    In response to the hatred attacks against Muslims and Arabs in many North America cities president bush meets with Muslim leaders in Washington, DC mosque, in a first-of-its-kind event that included a news conference in the prayer area of the Islamic center of Washington
  • Ethnic Profiling

  • By: Mohamed Sherif Kamel
    If every person been treated badly reported this harassment, if each individual been removed from a plane or a train report this to the authority, if we refused the accusation that all the Arabs names are for hijackers, this will be the way for the safe future.
  • The new dictatorship

  • By: Mohamed S. Kamel

    Historical wise all world did know and accept two political systems, each been accepted according to the needs of the people and their capacity and knowledge.
  • Shimon Asfar Settlement
  • The criminal residents of the settlement practice their hobby of shooting live bullets on the farmers of the Palestinian town in order to instill fear in their hearts, while laughing.
  • "The Museum of Civilization has postponed a Canadian-Arab art exhibition at a time when this country is crying out for a greater understanding among different culture"
    NDP Leader Mrs. Alexa McDonough
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